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Point Reduction

Quick Glance
  • AAA Driver Improvement Program
  • 8 hours classroom
  • Remove up to 4 existing points from your record
  • Must be taken after the date of the infraction
  • May be taken once every three years
  • Introduction to driving best-practices
  • Licensed by South Carolina since 1954
  • Bonded
You'll Learn More Than You Think - $95

Most people learn to drive only one time their entire life. While you may think this will suffice, many people still use old driving theories and techniques. Many of these theories and practices were changed decades ago. One example of these practices is the hand positions of 10 and 2. This practice changed back when airbags were introduced into vehicles. Another example is the practice of having one car length of following distance for every ten miles per hour of speed you are traveling.

We recommend drivers continue to learn about the upcoming changes to the highway transportation system as well as update their knowlege of best practices. Driver education should be a continuous education system. Many insurance companies recognize this idea as well and often offer insurance discounts for taking defensive driver education courses. Sometimes, these discounts will more than pay for the costs associated with this class. Check with your insurance company to see if they offer such a discount.