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Frequently asked questions

Will you do all 6 hours of in-car training in one session?

Absolutely not! Driving techniques are habits and take time to change. We require a minimum of 4 days between lessons for our students to practice the information and techniques they learn on each lesson. Cramming for the road test does not promote safe and knowledgeable techniques.

Why do you offer additional lessons beyond the 6 hours required by the state?

We recognize that not all parents have the time in their schedules for the practice required. We also understand that not every student is the same. Some come to classes with fears that prevent them from learning as quickly as others. We also know that the knowledge our instructors have can easily fill more than the minimum 6 hour requirement established by the state.

Do you train in bad weather or after dark?

Yes! Although the final call is determined by the instructor (safety first), we strive to teach in all conditions since the student will be obtaining a license to drive in all conditions.

Is there a discount for 2 or more teens from the same family?

Yes, $10 is discounted off the 2nd or 3rd student's tuition; the deposit fee is still the same.

Do we train on a stick shift?

No, we don't have a standard transmission vehicle. We find it better for the student learn on an automatic transmission.

Can we train in the student's vehicle?

No, we teach only in our dual controlled vehicles.

Can we teach the hearing impaired?

Yes, we can teach using lip reading and hand gestures. We don't have anyone who signs for the deaf.

Do we do motorcycle training?


Do we offer a senior citizen discount?

No, but because of our over 50 years of experience and the advanced level of training our instructors receive, we will be able to give seniors the training they need to learn successfully.